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Why coaching?

You may want to change something in your life but lack a clear vision.
Or you are stuck on the journey towards your goal.
Maybe you are facing changes and want to cope with them better.
Coaching can help. Because

Coaching is about change.

Its focus is on the present, future, and on your capabilities.
You already have the answers and skills hidden within you.
A coach can help you to find these through asking questions and giving reflection.
YOU have the answers, they might just be hidden within you.

What coaching is?

Coaching is about bringing forth what is already in you.

As a coach I will use my knowledge and skills to help you to find your own answers. All in a safe, non-judgmental space where I will encourage but also challenge you.

I cannot give you advice, have an opinion, or influence you in any way as we are partnering in this process.

I will do my best in listening to you, what you say and how you say it. I will also ask thought-provoking questions when I spot discrepancies or recurring patterns in what you say.

There are no good or bad answers.

This is a process, where we are working together.

My role is not to fix you or solve your problems, but to help you find your own best solutions.

We are together searching for your answers to your challenges. Back to top ↑

What are the unique benefits of coaching?

In what ways you can benefit from coaching depends on your overall goal for coaching and yourself, therefore it is unique – different for everyone.

There are no two same coaching sessions, which means your achievements differ from session to session as well.

To give you a bit of an insight, here are some quotes from my coachees, how they benefited from coaching.

As I said it is unique for everyone.

“Support & place to get clarity & work through my thought process.“

“Having accountability adds some pressure to my task list to get things done (mostly successfully).”

“A clear, structured plan on how to achieve my goal and hit my deadline.”

“A fresh perspective i.e. new strategies to try and adapt the current things that aren’t working and also the chance to offload my brain and reset with a starting point head towards and to get through the next steps.”

“Clarity on what & why I had been procrastinating. “ Back to top ↑

Why me

I believe people can change. I did.

I also believe it is best if this change comes from within.

As the saying goes – Let’s not just give them a fish but help them to learn, discover and upskill themselves to do their own fishing.
Inner motivation will produce long lasting results and new behaviours. The desires coming from the inside have the power to re-write how we perceive things, how we act, and re-act. Moreover, they drive us to be who we are.
Do you want to change how you act? Change how you think!
It is you, and only you who can decide what is the next step to take. No-one else can take that step for you. No one will make that choice for you. It is you. It is up to you.
How can I help?
As a coach I may have questions, but you have the answers – to all of them.
At the crossroads I will be there, helping you to discover your possibilities, but you will choose the path you want to take and then walk on it.
Then I will be there to meet you again at the next intersection.
That is what coaching is. Back to top ↑

Why not me

If you expect me to agree with everything you say I am not good for you.
If you do not let yourself being pulled out of your comfort zone I cannot help.
If you are looking for a mentor I am not suitable.
If you want advice you will not get any from me. Not because I do not care, but because

we are looking for your answers to your questions.

And at the end it can even turn out that the question you want to be answered is not your real question.

Coachees’ reflections:
“You challenged me to find new ways to do things.”
“You take a direct, no nonsense approach to help clients solve their problems. You are trustworthy and I always feel that you have my best interests at heart.” Back to top ↑

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