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price (NZD)

Let’s make a choice!
50 mins $ 120
Let’s plan!
50 mins
$ 120
I feel lost
80 mins
$ 150
I’m feeling stuck
80 mins
$ 150
I need another choice
80 mins
$ 150
I need to vent 120 mins
$ 300
kick off” (3 sessions) 50 mins/session
$ 330
elephant slicing” (6 sessions) 50 mins/session
$ 640
long-distance” (12 sessions*) 50 mins/session
$ 1200

*can be used at any time within a year

for tailor-made services please contact me here


Payment: to bank account. For those outside New Zealand, it’s flexible: whether you have an account with a financial service provider (Revolut, Wise, Currency Fair) or just a bank account, no problem. We will discuss the details.

Payment is due before the first session unless agreed otherwise.

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