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I know every life situation is different. I also know it is tough for most of you.

So, here’s the deal: do you own math.

What would you willingly give up in order to get some relief from guilt, cleared up fogginess, discovery of your map leading you out of the maze?

Coffee for a week? A hairdresser’s appointment? It is up to you.

I am here to help you – but I need your help to keep running my business too.

Book a session and we will find a solution.

full price list

If you can afford it, please pay it.

By your financial support you do not only get help for yourself, you help others too. 



price (NZD)

Let’s make a choice!
50 mins $ 150
Let’s plan!
50 mins
$ 150
I feel lost
80 mins
$ 200
I’m feeling stuck
80 mins
$ 200
I need another choice
80 mins
$ 200
I need to vent 120 mins
$ 300
kick off” (3 sessions) 50 mins/session
$ 435
elephant slicing” (6 sessions) 50 mins/session
$ 850
long-distance” (12 sessions*) 50 mins/session
$ 1600

*can be used at any time within a year

for tailor-made services please contact me here


Payment: to bank account. For those outside New Zealand, it’s flexible: whether you have an account with a financial service provider (Revolut, Wise, Currency Fair) or just a bank account, no problem. We will discuss the details.

Payment is due before the session unless agreed otherwise.

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