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What you need to do

Choose a life situation that resembles most to you from the menu.

Select a date and time that suits you. You will get the confirmation of your booking in about a day (depending on the difference between your and my timezone). You do not need to pay anything to make a booking.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

If you cannot find a suitable time slot please send me an e-mail to here

You’re still in doubt?

You need a hand… ?

❤️ that holds yours?

❤️ that points out your hidden treasure?

❤️ so you can take a look at your problems from a higher perspective?

You might wonder why to choose me?

I know that change takes time and is painful.

I also know that we need to feel safe when we want to change.

One more thing. You need to believe YOU CAN. Which sometimes seems to be impossible. That is why I am here: to find the power in you. To believe in you that YOU CAN until you will see and experience that indeed YOU CAN🤗

I’m not going to put you through a challenge that I haven’t done myself.

☑️ believe that I am lovable, with all my faults?

☑️ dare to say no? and survive the other’s reaction to it? in fact, to get to the point where it no longer causes pain?

☑️ see through the chaos in my relationships?

☑️ to discover my own motivations and see others’ too?

☑️ and take both into account in decision-making?

☑️ make a plan for implementation?

Would you like it?