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What do I do to support you?

How do we work together?

Why is it good to have a reflective supporter?


You’ll be surrounded with a safe place where you are accepted and loved as you are – no strings attached.

I’ll do my best to understand you and your current situation.

Who you are and how you are at the moment.

What’s next depends on your needs.

If you can’t see anything in the darkness

I’m here to hold your hand.

You’re not alone in this.

If you feel unworthy

… of love, care, empathy, compassion – tell me your story and let me show

what’s shining in you.

Because… there’s a treasure hidden in you. May I help so you can see it too?

If it feels like being lost in the forest…

or standing in front of a mountain that seems impossible to climb…

or life pressing you into impossible decisions…

I’m here to listen to understand, reflect back, ask question so you might recognize you still have choices
… because you can fly above the forest to see which is the way out, find the path beside the mountain, and figure out which decision is rooted in your heart.

Because…. there is a treasure hidden in you. Let me encourage and challenge you, so you can dig it out!

(for more details specifically about life coaching click here)

Please note…

these roles are not predetermined.

I’ll do my best to recognize how you are at the moment and adjust my support so that it would address your current needs in the best fitting way. Which means freely shifting between these roles from one moment to another.

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In person or online.

Skype or Messenger.

With or without video – it’s up to you. My aim is to keep you comfortable.

Or even text messaging…


No predetermined frequency*. Send me a message when you need me and we’ll find a time.

How long?

It’s up to you and depends on your needs. Usually somewhere between 1-2.5 hours*.

* (exception for coaching might apply)

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I believe there is power in naming the cause.

Whatever monster we are facing in our lives its power greatly diminishes when we name it. Identifying the root of our fear or hindrance I think is already halfway to conquer it.

However, it is a journey. A unique one for everyone.

And it starts with finding a safe place, daring to recognize, see and believe our worth. Then comes the first babysteps… leading into the learning journey of self-reflection, creating our own “monster-killing toolbox”, gaining more and more experience – and through this confidence – by overcoming them. But

it starts with someone holding our hand and believing in us,
even though we do not believe in ourselves.

I know it because I’ve been there.

That’s why I offer my hand to you

Here’s my hand. Want to grab it? Book me here or Contact form is here 🙂

Let’s build resilience!

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