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what is your worth?

💜 What is your worth? 💜

Have you ever pondered about it?

💛 Is it the sum of the wealth you own? Or – financially speaking – the net present value of all your future income? Can it be expressed in financial terms at all?

💙 Or is it about connections? Your connections – but with whom?  With your spouse, children, friends, co-workers, authority figures and subordinates in your life?

💛 Or is it your relationship with nature? How much respect for it do you have and show?

❤️ Or should we add your relationship with yourself? How the two of you are getting on? You and You?

💞Do you feel that you deserve to be loved? That you are worthy of love? Or at least do you believe it?

💙Or maybe you are still in doubt if you could ever earn the true, unconditional love of someone.

💖Let me whisper some truth into your ears: you do. You are worthy. You deserve to be loved. You do not need to earn it. Just receive it.

💜Unbelievable? I guess so. Not long ago, I was where you are now. I was scared to receive it. I was afraid to believe.

💛But over time, I came to believe it and then receive it. And it changed me – for the better.

❤️Would you too?


Here is my hand.