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What coachees said

The AHA moments of my coachees I like the most.

“It was fantastic! Made me realize I am distracting myself”

“The best was that the goals setting was done by me, so I do not feel like I am told to do these things, but have a much higher inner motivation to do them, as I have chosen them.”

“You asked me questions no one ever asked me before.”

“The session was very helpful, now I has a clear direction how to approach now. You well kept the focus and me on track – let me to speak but pulled me back.”

“It’s good to have someone who keeps me accountable.”

“You showed authentic empathy and engagement.”

“You made me feel safe and supported.”

“Clarity of thoughts now. Feeling more under control.”

“It’s good to be able to offload stuff from time to time.”

“You challenged me to find new ways to do things.”

“I did only half of the things I planned but you still celebrated it. It wasn’t only encouraging but also released a lot pressure off me – any progress is progress.”

Here is my hand.

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