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What is fear?

Fear might be described as a feeling that switches on our fight/flight/freeze mode to facilitate survival. It is an essential, healthy response to a threat. At least it is supposed to be.

But there are times when our response, because of the continuously ongoing threat, becomes constant. Then it is unhealthy. Our body is not supposed to be on continuous alert.

Unfortunately, still, certain situations seem to be a never-ceasing threat to us. And many times, these situations are created by people.

Our brain can be conditioned. The memories of stresses, traumas, and the response we gave, are all stored in our minds. When a new threat arises, our response stems from our unconscious mind. We react in a way that worked in the past. The problem is, these reactions can be very unhealthy for us. However, if we want to change them, we must first recognise, then rewrite them.

Why do people create situations where we are made fearful?

They want control.

They want to control (us). By creating fear, eventually, they gain control.

Fear intimidates. Fear pushes us to survival mode. This switch takes away our capability to assess the situation and find an alternative response because it turns off our (critical) thinking, so our reaction is uncontrolled.

How can people create fear around us?

Maybe a boss yelling at you while you feel like shrinking, becoming smaller and smaller? The feeling of hopelessness and having no control at all? Or a parent, a relative, or even a friend? Who makes you feel you are nothing, useless, treating you like a piece of garbage?

Do you know why they do it?

Yes, it is about power. And control is power.

But you do not need to be stuck there.

Get unstuck!

It is possible to rewrite those reactions.

I did.