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respectfully responding

Are you a respectful person? ❤️
💙At all times?
💙With everyone?
💜I am not. 💜
Yes, I do sometimes cross that line.
Raise my voice a little bit. Or change my tone.
💛Sometimes I find it hard to respectfully say no. Especially when the other person doesn’t take no for an answer.
💓I have found that it is much harder to stay respectful when I’m frustrated. Why?
Because respect requires emotional regulation. 💞
A good one. A very good one.
⁉️Just think of treating a person with respect who has just put a knife in our back or called us names.

💘We need to keep our composure to give a respectful response.

💙Otherwise, we can quickly find ourselves down on their level of conduct.
💖Furthermore, respect is handy when it is about clearing up disagreements or misunderstandings.
💞Because if we lash out at the first instance, there will be little room for clarification and reconciliation.
💛How is it going for you?

Here is my hand.