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time to show respect – honor other’s boundaries

❓What is disrespect?

Yeah, another tricky question, I know.

The easy answer is that it is the opposite ↔️of respect. I.e. what should be respected is not.

🍭We often think of respect as something to be given to somebody. Respecting our parents, teachers, leaders, and bosses.

💜Parents, you should treat your children with respect, too! 💜

And there is more, such as respecting nature, for example, by not polluting it.

💜But even respecting others has multiple facets. Because respect does not only means speaking to them in an appropriate manner and not looking down on them.

The term respect is also related to boundaries – something I have talked a lot about. Such as the importance of setting healthy boundaries and the art of maintaining them.

💜And how respect comes in?

When others are to respect our boundaries. ⚠️Unfortunately, many times the proper word is “should”. Because they fail to do so.

And what kind of boundaries are there in personal relationships?

Well, there are plentiful of them. 💜

The most obvious is physical boundaries.

💜Don’t hug somebody if they don’t want it.

💜Respect different cultures by showing their way of greeting, such as bowing your head instead of shaking hands.

But there is a less obvious one, we fall short of many times.

And it is time.⏰

❤️The most precious resource of a person.

❤️A strictly limited one.

❤️Especially since no one knows how much they have left. So be mindful of that.

And respect it.

Here is my hand.