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respectfully responding

Are you a respectful person? ❤️
💙At all times?
💙With everyone?
💜I am not. 💜
Yes, I do sometimes cross that line.
Raise my voice a little bit. Or change my tone.
💛Sometimes I find it hard to respectfully say no. Especially when the other person doesn’t take no for an answer.
💓I have found that it is much harder to stay respectful when I’m frustrated. Why?
Because respect requires emotional regulation. 💞
A good one. A very good one.
⁉️Just think of treating a person with respect who has just put a knife in our back or called us names.

💘We need to keep our composure to give a respectful response.

💙Otherwise, we can quickly find ourselves down on their level of conduct.
💖Furthermore, respect is handy when it is about clearing up disagreements or misunderstandings.
💞Because if we lash out at the first instance, there will be little room for clarification and reconciliation.
💛How is it going for you?

being brave can be frightening

💜 The idea of being brave and courageous can be frightening. 💙 Why?

💛 Not only because we have to deal with the other person’s response, especially when we are about to say no to someone for the first time. We also need to face and conquer our inner uncertainty. 😱 Because we might feel we do not have the right to say no. 😱

🌜 It might seem like a war on two fronts. 🌛

💥 We not only don’t know how they will react, but we also don’t know how we will respond to their reactions. 🔥

⛄️ Although we can replay the situation a hundred times in our head – which, if we do it right, can eventually help a little – we don’t know how it will turn out until we do it. 💦

✔️ The first time may not be perfect. It probably won’t be. But we dared! 👍

we were brave

While next time, it will be a little easier – at least it won’t be the first time – so we can focus more on the how. What we say, how we say it, what emotions struck us inside and how we can manage those. 🌗

🌝 And over time, with practice, it gets easier. We will get used to different reactions and build up our own toolbox of responses. ☔️

❄️ We will also learn to manage our inner fear of standing up for ourselves. 🌞

💜Believe me or not, it’s scary to stand up for ourselves. Especially when we were taught never to complain, just accept what is and move on. 💛

❤️You know what?

❤️It’s worth it being brave. Because in the end, you learn how to find the ground to ensure that you have a truly free choice. ⁉️

🤗Are you keen to get there?