The guilt is real. Time is our most precious resource. You have a choice on how you spend it. Here's my hand. Want to grab it?

Why does she always have to call me every day at dinnertime?

If I didn’t answer mum’s calls or cut it short, it would free up my time.

Hi, my name is Andrea.

I hold a Diploma of Professional Coaching.

I only challenge you to do what I’ve done myself.

The choice is yours.

Would you like to spend uninterrupted time with your family in the evenings?

Join the 30-day coaching challenge!

It includes:

  • 1x discovery coaching session when we will set the scene of your situation and you will gain some clarity around it (up to 2 hours)
  • 2x coaching sessions focusing on building your courage, creating reaction-scenarios, and finding your tools to handle these (50 minutes each)
  • 4x support sessions, initiated by you, in text (up to 10 minutes each), for the times you need support on-the-go.

Cost: $ 590 (NZD)

By the end of this 30-day challenge, you will

  • get a better understanding of what drives your actions.
  • find strength that can give you the courage you need.
  • create a plan, specifically designed for you and your situation.
  • see the long-term benefits of your short-term action.
  • have tools to deal with mum’s reaction.


I didn’t realise how much the phone calls were ruling my life and disrupting family (tea) time – every night.

“Clarity of thoughts now. Feeling more under control.”

“You made me feel safe and supported.”

Money back guarantee

If you achieve none of the described goals, you will get your money back.


Time is our most precious resource and we do not know how much we have left.

You have a choice on how you spend it.

What steps do I need to take?

Book your spot for the first coaching session.

You’ll get a notification about the approval – put it into your calendar.

I’ll send you the invoice with the payment instructions in an email.

Let’s start your discovery journey and find your strength within!

See you soon!

Life Coach Andrea NZ

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