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Unless you are capable of saying NO without feeling a fraction of guilt, your YES is not conceived in true freedom.

pricing & services

Pricing is based on the service provided, not my time.

I’ll do my best to give you what you need – mostly coaching, a lot of listening, or a combination of both.

I just want to offload…  …and here I am to listen…

The length of our meeting will probably be between 60 minutes and 2 hours.

You will talk and I will listen. Summarize and reflect back on what you have said. Even some questions might pop up.

Price: NZD 100.00

Frequency: up to you – you book me when you need me

I just want to vent

It feels like being lost in the forest…

Let’s check where you are, where you want to go, and make a plan how you get there.

Length: approx 60-90 minutes

Price: NZD 100.00 

I want to find my way out of the forest

I don’t know what choice to make…

Let’s clarify what outcomes the options would give you, what you deep inside really think about them and visualize the possible outcomes.

Length: approx 40-60 minutes

Price: NZD 100.00 

I am ready to make my choice

I’m feeling stuck…

Let’s get a stable footing in the swamp, then find the path out.

Length: approx 60-90 minutes

Price: NZD 100.00 

I need a hand to get out of the maze

any chance I have another choice?

Let’s clear your head first, set the scene, and see what other options you might have. You may not need to make a choice now, but you’ll see what choices you have.

Length: approx 60-90 minutes

Price: NZD 100.00 

I must have another choice

Let’s plan!

I know where I want to go, I just need help with planning.

  • 1 session of professional coaching
  • so you more easily can achieve it by
  • turning your goal into a SMART one:
  • breaking it into parts and
  • putting it into a timeline
  • with accountability deadlines

Price: NZD 100.00 

Length is approx 40-60 minutes.

Let’s plan!

Let’s get moving!

Whether you need a “kick” to get you going or you’re about to try to eat an elephant-sized cake (which takes time), the plans are flexible to suit your needs.

The first time we will:

–  quickly discuss – if you wish – what life coaching does (and does not) offer,

– define the goals you want to achieve by the end of the coaching process and put them in writing,

– choose the right plan for you:

  • “kick off”- 3 sessions: NZD 300.00
  • “elephant slicing” – 6 sessions NZD 550.00

The frequency of the sessions is adapted to your needs, it can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
Length is approx 40-60 minutes.

Let’s get moving!


Payment: to bank account. For those outside New Zealand, it’s flexible: whether you have an account with a financial service provider (Revolut, Wise, Currency Fair) or just a bank account, no problem. We will discuss the details.

Payment is due before the first session unless agreed otherwise.

Here’s my hand. Want to grab it? Book me here or Contact form is here 🙂

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